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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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♪ ♪ this season, purchase or lease a new 2016 volvo, and get your first three payments on us. volvo cars is proud to be the founding sponsor of alex's lemonade stand foundation. breaking news at 11:00, the lone american killed in that hotel attack in mali had ties to our area. new details just coming in including a new terror threat putting one european city on the highest state of alert. the coldest air in months
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set to come in. they're not just stealing your identity, they're digitally erasing it. >> you're officially dead and don't even know it. >> how hackers can convince the government you're already dead. new reaction from friends and family and even president obama tonight to news a local woman is among the dead at a hotel in mali. >> she was inside that radisson hotel in the capitol of the west african nation when terrorists stormed in killing 19 civilian officers and one civilian. >> jackie is live in takoma park. >> reporter: born in massachusetts, raised in new jersey, anita datar was like so many people in this area, highly educated and using that education to make this world a
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better place. speaking during a trip to malaysia, president obama addressed the loss of life. >> on behalf of the american people i want to express our deepest condolences to the people of mali and victims and families including at least one american. these were innocent people who had everything to live for and they will be remembered for the joy and love that they brought to the world. >> tonight, a grieving friend in takoma park read a statement authorized by anita datar's family. >> we're devastated by the loss of our wonderful daughter who was doing the work she loves. we have no further comment at this time and ask you respect our privacy. >> reporter: news that the hostage situation in mali claimed the life of an american citizen brought up shock waves. she was on the board of a nonprofit to help women get quality health care services.
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tonight, the family in new jersey issued a statement saying we are devastated anita is gone. it's unbelievable to us she was killed in this senseless act of violence and terrorism. anita was one of the kindest and generous people we know. reaction from the ambassador to the u.s. denouncing the violence to those responsible. >> islam is peace. islam is peace. mali is maybe 85, maybe 90, maybe 95% of muslims that is peaceful muslims. i want people to know thaty to understand that and not make any confusion between the jihadists and the muslims. >> reporter: family members say about anita datar what we often hear from so many women her greatest accomplishment was her young son. jackie bensen, news4. we're also following
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breaking news in belgium where officials raised the terror alert to its highest level. the national crisis center warning people in brussels of a "imminent attack" hours after they hit paris and mali. france deploying police to their colony and deployed a 10 day state of emergency. the hotel is a popular hotel and about a dozen americans were rescued from the siege. telling people to avoid crowded areas in brussels and will release more details later in this day saturday. i'm chris lawrence. >> thank you. a northern virginia neighborhood is on edge after a man was found dead in a neighbor's home. neighbors in woodbridge want to know if they need to worry.
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shomari stone has a report. >> i see a crime scene and wondering what's going on? >> reporter: wondering what happened to a neighbor's house in woodbridge. his death is suspicious. >> i'm concerned. i have an 8-month-old and don't want anything to happen to him and wondering what's going on. >> reporter: police put up yellow tape on the house on long view drive and investigators put on plastic gloves as they collect evidence and search the house. police found the middle-aged man unresponsive with trauma to the upper body. >> reporter: did you ever notice anything out of the ordinary? any screaming, arguments? >> very nice guy. >> reporter: this woman lives across the street and says the man was kind. >> i've lived here since 1968, 'skin. he's always been friendly. he didn't talk much. he's quiet. >> reporter: police didn't release his name because they're trying to find his relatives to
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tell them about his death. while they investigate this mystery, danielle hopes they release more information. >> i'd like to know. i live across the street. >> reporter: police want any with information about any in this house to give them a call. shomari stone. to the weather, get out the gloves and the hats. if you thought it was cold today, you ain't seen nothing yet. >> our out the door attire will soon get an extra layer. if you've been outside lately, you know it's cold. temperatures are already hovering around the freezing mark. dulles at 31. 31, manassas, freezing, gaithersburg in germantown. we're not done yet. those temperatures will continue to drop even lower, all not because of what's going on right now but this system producing snow around chicago, several inches, same thing in iowa. we won't get the snow but cold air behind it.
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by monday morning, that's right, wind chills in the area across the area. and i'll show you and take a look at your travel thanksgiving weather coming up on turkey day. wind chill in the 20s across the area. as the refugee debate raises across the country, president obama is making a powerful symbolic statement thousands of miles away, on the last leg of his asia trip, the president went to the dignity for children foundation in malaysia to cast a spotlight on people fleeing violent persecution from myanmar to syria and the house has voted to make it harder for refugees to enter the country and the president threatens a veto. the man with some of the most controversial views for the republican candidates wasn't there. donald trump suggested yesterday he would create a database to track muslims in america.
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on twitter, he said a reporter suggested the idea, not him. he does believe surveillance and a watch list are necessary. >> tonight in iowa, ted cruz and paul weighed in. >> they should be resettled in the middle east majority muslim country. >> we have to be concerned for our allies an has to be a scr n screening mechanism even for our friends. >> none of the candidates took direct aim at trump and did criticize some infantile attacks in the campaign. it's now been more than a week since the attacks in terrorist and thousands of defiant parisians showed they are not afraid and they spent the night out and about and enjoying drinks where gunmen and suicide bombers attacked. they're still trying to put
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together some pieces of the attack. fingerprints revealed two terrorists who blew themselves up at the stadium through a soccer match entered europe through greece last month. their bodies have been identified. investigators are working to it a third body found in the debris. meantime, french media are reporting a woman identified as a suicide bomber at the concert hall didn't actually blow herself up, she was killed by an explosion set off by a third suspect inside that building. four dead, 13 injured, a church van goes up in flames, it was a horrific crash earlier this month. tonight, we're hearing from those inside that van, a child and his father. 9 relied freddie rodriguez and his dad are hurt but will be okay. they're recovering at home now waiting for the rest of their family to be released from the hospital. freddie's mom and 6-year-old sister also survived but his unborn baby brother didn't make
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it. they remember a lot that night from the moment the truck hit their van and screams and sirens and first responders carrying them away. erika gonzalez talked to freddie, jr. who says he's th k thankful. >> reporter: were you scared? >> worried. >> reporter: you were very worried. what were you worried about? >> my mom, that she was up with god. >> if you have information or looking for information, look on our facebook page. take a look. this is doris banks. she is 80 years old. she was last seen this morning on chesapeake street in southeast d.c. banks is about 5'7", weighs about 160 pounds, has reddish hair, last seen wearing eyeglasses, a brown jacket and green pants. if you have any information where she may be call police.
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at the live desk, chris lawrence. news4. next at 11:00, call it cyber murder. >> could you kill me? >> yes. >> how hackers can kill you on paper. one woman had a hard time convincing people she was still alive. >> turn in your gun, get a gift card no questions asked. where police are taking unwanted guns off the street. a bizarre scene at an apple
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check this out, a bizarre
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scene today at the flagship apple store in manhattan. a man started swinging a samurai sword and police quickly surrounded him before he could hurt any. if you look at the shadow, you can see an officer holding the sword and the man is now in the hospital under mental evaluation. a church is helping to take guns off the street to run a gift cards for guns program. people can turn in guns no questions asked and receive gift cards ranging from 50 to 15$150. last year, first baptist had to buy more gift cards because guns were being turned in so quickly. imagine your credit cards are canceled, medical benefits d discontinued and driver's license invalid all because the government thinks you're dead. tonight, tammy whitener from our sister station explains how
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online registration can let someone kill you. he's an online assassin. >> reporter: could you kill me? >> yes, i could. >> is it difficult? >> not difficult at all. >> reporter: no weapon, no pain. >> you don't even know. >> reporter: he discovered a weakness on the online death registration process that allows him to have someone who is alive declared dead. >> reporter: to prove it, he had me killed, not once, not twice, three times in three different sta states. i mean, look alive. in the digital world a melicious hacker has all the tools needed to have me legally declared dead. >> not just an american problem, the world over. >> reporter: the death registration was created to store all death records in a database where all doctors and funeral directors can register
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dead state by state. while each state has different security mechanisms, rock says he was able to pose as a doctor and funeral director in multiple states. >> it's scary in so many levels how easy this type of attack is. >> reporter: cybersecurity expert here says the reason is because they're not required to authenticate identification. most require login but extra piece of identification. >> we're finding the systems and security outpacing even the laws that governor them. >> reporter: telling nbc5 that their statewide system is secure and their it department reviews each request before an account can be created. security researcher, chris rock, tells nbc5 investigator he was granted access in a minute through an automated response.
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more than 2 million death certificates are filed in the united states each year. there's no way to tell how many are legitimate deaths. >> reporter: i was declared dead and i was like, no, i'm alive. >> reporter: sarah. >> el hs >> -- sarah je we ll was declared dead. >> one of my credit cards was canceled and driver's license and i couldn't drive because it showed i was deceased. >> reporter: last month they sent out death notice of people very much alive and then one resurfaced and asked the judge to reverse the ruling and said he was not allowed. >> once you're shut down, it's hard to recreate everything from scratch. >> this same electronic system we found vulnerable is also used to register birth. tammy laettner, news4.
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for more on our weather in the week ahead. getting colder by the hour, right? >> i have my frowny face on. i'm not a big fan of the cold. it's that time of the year. the good news, it won't last. it will switch just in time for -- you'll see. tomorrow, if you're heading out, you have the green light, bright sunshine tomorrow. kind of like today, take a warm jacket and for exercising, keep moving and know it's a lot better than what we have moving in for sunday. here's what's going on across the area. earlier i told you about the weather front storm team 4 has been tracking. we're dry, a cold start for us. big range in temperatures, 29-39 degrees. 20s here in manassas and herndon and winchester and around areas
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like la ray. we will hit 50 degrees by lunchtime. low 50s through much of the afternoon. it will be cool and i think we will wait until late in the day before we see cloud cover. it will be a pretty nice day. here's where we get that change, early sunday morning. another front that i showed you moves through. before midnight and early sunday morning, winds start picking up and temperatures won't drop too much then. it will be chilly if not cold our wind chill. this is at 7:00 a.m. in the 30s around freezing. we pretty much stay in the 30s on sunday as we get into the afternoon hours. might feel like we're around 40 degrees. there's the cloud cover, starts to move out mostly cloudy to sunny day. wind chills as high temperature gets up to 47 degrees. there's your rain for wednesday.
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the eastern third is dry. that's what i like for a lot of us getting in the car, maybe driving somewhere. for food for families monday, very cold, wind chills in the 30s. take a look. thanksgiving day, 60 degrees the high temperature there. that's not thursday. there's thursday. 60 or high temperature. it is going to be mild. i think our coolest locations on thanksgiving day will be in the mid-50s. you're seeing it right, saturday through friday, we're dry, we're not expecting any rain. your next rain is next weekend maybe the second half. >> good for travel. thanks. terps had trouble dispat dispatching georgetown. tonight, rider gives them all they can handle in college park. >> up next, jimmy fallon. mon
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sebastian salazar is joining us live tonight from the csn stud studios. >> we will be seeing more of you friday and saturday nights and you're starting with a busy one in college basketball tonight. >> you're right. redskins and wizards dominating basketball. we're seeing a team that looks very determined to prove their top 5 preseason ranking was not
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just hype. the maryland terrapins looking to stay perfect. facing ryder. they came in without a win. and open in the second half. valentine and the upset goes out and melo trimble responds. the reason he's a big three season player of the year. tough to root for a kid who once went to duke but now he goes to maryland. we can root for him. under five minutes to go. big boost from their freshman star. diamond stone makes something out of nothing. maryland ekes out a 65-68 win. georgetown and wisconsin, first half, all reggie cameron.
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lajoa hoya, jr. the lead keeps growing. jesse govan, a 6'10" freshman and tracks down the rebounds and goes straight and nobody stops him, 13 points off the bench. govan and they never trail and get their first win of the year, 71-61. >> taking on the winner of virginia and long beach state, all cavaliers early on. anthony gill with a finish at the rim. virginia up by 13. final seconds of the first half. driving at the rim, gets the basket at the buzzer. uva wins easy. cavs and george mason on sunday.
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maryland state playoff, damascus and seneca valley, up 10-0. marcus vincent makes it 17-0. he goes 59 yards cruising down route 27 in north montgomery county. four touchdowns on 21 carries, 174 yards, damascus advance over seneca valley. another rivalry game in high school football. for a west title. game, just under nine minutes to play. red army fired up. to alfonso for ray. he will do most of the work, 49 touchdown. ja jags up 36-33. and bonner keeps it. six minutes left, they're on top. scored a couple touchdowns, jaguars win 50-40 and will play
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jaguars win 50-40 and will play weiss ant fren-- at [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going.
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we know tom sherwood is a slightly cranky but usually mild mannered reporter. [ laughter ] >> even we were surprised when he kept a promise to do something unusual. tom has a bright red d.c. flag tattoo on his left bicep now. it's something he always said he would do if somebody made a big
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